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2020 Lethbridge Softball Season Update

AHS has moved the Province in to phase 2 of the recovery plan. I know there is some more excitement about possibly getting back to softball.
This is not as easy as it seems as there are several guidelines we need to look into. These are all designed to control the numbers of people that are in groups (cohorts as the govt. calls them). This is to make it easier to track the spread of covid should some one be infected.
  1. they are suggesting “mini” leagues of no more then 50 players.  This would mean 4 teams of 12 players max. and they would only play each other.   We assume once we move to phase 3 of the opening we would be able to expand this number of teams
  2. maximum capacity of 100 people.   We are trying to determine if this would be the max,. for the entire park or just a diamond.
  3. you will only be allowed to play on 1 team.  Either Mens, Ladies or Mixed but not 2 teams. Despite what the league rules are.
  4. there is a rule specifying local teams only and we are looking to see if that includes the county. As of now we are being told it will only be Lethbridge teams/players
We would also need some lead time to get the diamonds ready and the park covid approved. As well, the leagues would need time to organize and schedule. But, we are hopeful there will be a season in some form or other.
Check with your teams and players to be sure they are able to play under these guidelines. Also, if any players or teams are not comfortable playing with the risk of covid they will not lose there spot in the league going forward.
Once we do get approval for play, YOU WILL NEED TO LET US KNOW IMMEDIATLY AS TO THE STATUS OF YOUR TEAM REGARDING IF THEY ARE IN OR OUT. We will not be able to wait for decisions and will also be looking to get entry fees quickly.
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