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COVID Closure Update

After much debate, the Board of Directors of Softball Valley made the unfortunate decision to keep the ballpark closed until further notice. There was simply not enough interest from the teams to make it viable to operate under the restrictions outlined by Alberta Health Services (AHS)  and the City of Lethbridge.

Less than 20% of the teams that play here were willing, or able to participate in a season under the phase 2 opening guidelines. Many of the teams that responded that they were not interested in playing were concerned about the covid virus. The cohort restriction and local teams only were another large factor in teams decisions to not play. These guidelines were directed by AHS and the City of Leth. and were completely out of  our control.

It is always our intention to put the health and safety of our players and staff above all else. Financially, we needed a certain number of teams to make it viable for us to open and follow the covid protocols. There is a large initial start up cost for us and the added covid expense, the costs were difficult to justify with so few teams. We were not going to cheap out on the covid protocols as we wanted to ensure everyone’s safety. This also led to a major concern regarding legalities and possible litigation.

We were not trying to run at a profit but could also not risk operating at a loss given our current financial situation.

My apologies to those teams that did sign up to play and thank you for your efforts. As my team was one of the ones that was willing to play, I know how it feels. We all look forward to playing softball and hanging out at the ballpark so this is a sad ( but necessary)decision. Hopefully phase 3 comes soon and if the restrictions change,we can  try to get a few games in.

Softball Valley.

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