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    Please respond in the forum below to begin looking for a new team.

    Include the following in your post:

    • Your contact information so that a team needing players can contact you directly
    • League you’re looking to play in (Men’s, Ladies or Mixed)
    • Age and playing experience
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    Looking to play mixed D baseball. 45 years old but play like a 20 year old. I’ve played ball most of my life. Looking for a team that wants to have fun before winning,

    Contact: 403-894-9742

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    Dustin Taylor

    I’m 37, I use to play baseball back in the day, looking to play in a mixed league to make friends and have fun during the summer.

    Please email me [email protected]

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    Tom Penner and Jill Fyfe

    Couple ( 38 and 41) with minimal experience looking for a fun mixed league to play on. Preferably D or E.

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    Tom Penner and Jill Fyfe

    Fun, Outgoing couple (38 – 41) with little experience looking to join a mixed league.

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    im 24 just looking to have fun playing some ball this summer for mens or mixed league. Good outfielder, willing to fill as a middle infielder.

    email: [email protected]

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    40 year old man looking to get picked up in either men’s or mixed league. Can play any position, quick on my feet and good knowledge of the game. Won’t be able to make all games as work schedule varies, just looking to have some good times on the field.

    #8076 Reply

    21 y/o girl looking to join a ladies or mixed team. Played slow pitch last season and have some prior experience from my early teens. Positions I have experience in are out field and 2nd base.

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    43 yo man. Played both mixed A and E pre-pandemic. Coach isn’t responding to messages. Just love to play the game. Willing to play any level. 403-715-6911. Call or text.

    #8082 Reply

    49 year old pitcher would spare whenever. Any division

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    Jasmines S.

    Hi, I am a 36 year old female, new to town. Only played ball with family and friends. Would like to meet people and join a mixed or women’s league.


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    Tanner and Lyndsay

    Hello, we are a couple looking mixed league in a lower division. Tanner is 32 with 20+ years of experience, Lyndsay is 42 with 30 years experience but she is by no means a professional haha.

    Please contact us at 403-331-9607 or 403-593-2992

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    Robert Q

    Hi I’m 64 years old would like to play in a mix league and have fun
    Fun I’m a good hitter I play any position.

    #8162 Reply

    37 year old male looking for men’s or mixed team. I played ball pretty competitively when younger. Bounced around some hardball/slo-pitch leagues as an adult. Been in Lethbridge a few years and want to get back into playing ball. Can play basically anywhere on the diamond you might have a need. 587-220-7245

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    Patrick B

    Hello, I’m a 22 year old university student looking to find a good team to play with for the summer. I’m looking for men’s or mixed league, though I’ll go wherever is fun. I used to play competitively in highschool, and I’m quite the slap hitter and sprinter. I can be anywhere on the diamond you can put a leftie, except pitching as I can only pitch hardball.

    Please send me a text at (403)-714-3996

    #8189 Reply
    Emma Chamberlain

    Hi, I’m a 21 year old female I just moved here and am looking for preferably a mixed team to play on. This would be my 7th year playing. I play first and second but would probably go anywhere. Would play any level as well. Please call or text me at

    #8191 Reply
    Daniel Wellicome

    67 year old Male looking for a mens or mixed team team to play with or try out for.

    #8198 Reply
    Juan Felipe Hernández

    We are looking for a team to play on Wednesdays in the mixed league. I am from Colombia and my friend is from the Dominican Republic. We are baseball players and now we want to play softball! I am 20 years old and my friend is 24 years old.

    #8245 Reply

    40 old looking to play, can play any position. Played for many years in tournaments and league play. [email protected] is where I can be contacted.

    #8246 Reply
    Marc mousseau

    Hi. My name is Marc and I have a mixed team that you can come play for. Please text or call me at 403-315-9336.

    #8249 Reply

    Hi. I have a mixed team you can play on. Please call or text me at 403-315-9336.

    #8250 Reply
    Marc Mousseau

    Give me a text. Marc 4033159336

    #8251 Reply
    Marc Mousseau

    Give me a text. Marc 4033159336

    #8264 Reply

    Looking for a few more players to play in our Senior Mens League Thursday nights double headers. Age of players are 50-75.
    Only have played one night so far in League. If interested please contact.and will give more details.


    #8287 Reply
    Lacey Tallow

    Hi I’m looking to jump on a ladies team for league. I play infield but willing to play anywhere. I’m 36 and have been playing for over 20 years. Thanks!

    #8293 Reply
    Matt bruce

    Hello, 38 yr old looking to get into ball again. A fun, not too serious team. I coach on monday and wednesday nights. Any other night i am available.

    #8294 Reply
    Matt bruce

    ^^ 403 393 1790

    #8296 Reply
    Will Cummins

    New to Lethbridge. 23 years old. Looking to play ball this summer and meet people. Mixed slow pitch or softball.

    have been playing ball for a couple of years now. Looking for something fun and competitive. In that order.

    I love playing outfield but will play pretty much anywhere. Give me a text at 519 854 9080 or email me at

    [email protected].


    #8304 Reply
    Deven Neu

    Played 7 years in a row in Cal-South league. Got onto the “Babe Ruth” all-stars team 2 years in a row. Give me a call @ 587-599-0247, my roomie is looking to play as well and has experience! Cheers 😉 I’m 30

    #8317 Reply
    Earle Hay

    I’m looking to get on a team in the C or D division, either as a regular or if anyone needs a spare I’m happy to chip in when needed. Contact Earle at 780-228-7771

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    Tianna Fieguth

    Looking for a girl tonight. Meet us down at 615 and text me at (403) 892-3389

    #8396 Reply

    Looking to play softball during the week! Can be co-ed or all ladies!! I’ve played before! I play second base or pitcher!

    #8407 Reply
    Zach robertson

    Looking to play in mixed or mens league. SS or outfield but down to play what ever is needed. Age 22 played ball my hole life

    Contact- 587-370-2809

    Email- [email protected]

    #8422 Reply
    Benjamin Watson

    Just moved to town yesterday and I’m looking to play some ball. I’ve been playing my whole life, most recently mixed A ball and mens B division. I can play anywhere on the field and hit for power and average.
    I’m pretty outgoing and love the game. I’d like to play competitive, but honestly just want to get on the field again right away.

    #8435 Reply

    My kids are done their activities and finally able to play some ball. I am 40 years old and usually play mixed A but willing to play mens or any other division. I prefer to play outfield but able to play any infield position (ex. pitcher). Call or text me at 403-634-7358.

    #8525 Reply

    We are short girls for ladies tonight. If you’d like to play text me at 403-601-7758

    #8538 Reply

    This may be a little late in the season, but my fiancée and I (both 28) just moved to town and would love to join a lower div team to get out of the house and have some fun! I have played pretty regularly the last few years while she is still pretty new to the game.

    #8578 Reply

    My husband and I are looking to join a team for Fall Ball if anyone is looking for players! We both play on a mixed team during the the summer for the last 8 years but are wanting to continue playing! Text me : 403-575-5377

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    Hi, I know it is late in the season but just seeing what is out there for this season and or fall ball and maybe next year as well. I’m a 29 year old female. Looking for either a women’s league or a mixed league. I have been playing girls fastpitch softball since I was 4 and have also played slow pitch in the mixed league a few years ago for a couple of season. Haven’t played in a few years as the team I was on no longer plays so looking for a new team. Main position is 1st base but can also play other infield positions. Or where ever you are needing players for.

    Can email me at [email protected] or text me at 403-393-2960

    #8582 Reply
    Mike Blackmer

    I would be interested in playing most any position

    #8584 Reply
    Mike Blackmer

    Hi My name is Mike looking to play fall ball play any position

    #8590 Reply

    I am looking to for a team to play fall ball with. I have played in C Division for the last 5 years and can play all positions. I am 30 years old and work shift work so I cannot commit to play every game, but I will make every game I can when I am not working. I can be reached at [email protected] or feel free to text me 250-425-5391

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    Emma Chamberlain

    I’m a 21 year old female looking for a mixed team to play on for fall ball. This is my 7th year playing, I normally play first or second but would go anywhere. Would play any level as well. Please call or text me at 403-895-2783.

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    Hello, im 40 years old. Looking to play on any team really, mixed or mens league. Ive played ball my whole life, softball for 10 years or so. Dont mind playing anywhere on the field, can pitch also. Just looking for some rec. fun during the summer. Thanks 403-836-7319

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