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Date and Time Diamond Home Away
Tue Apr 30th, 6:15 PM 11 LA Arrows7 Urban indians7
Tue Apr 30th, 7:35 PM 11 LA Arrows7 The Heat7
Mon May 6th, 6:15 PM 7 LA Arrows7 Streats Warriors7
Mon May 6th, 7:35 PM 5 LA Arrows10 Savers Shoestrings 15
Wed May 15th, 6:15 PM 5 LA Arrows17 Moist Pandas18
Wed May 15th, 7:35 PM 3 LA Arrows Brew Crew
Fri May 24th, 6:15 PM 3 LA Arrows Ground Guys
Fri May 24th, 7:35 PM 3 LA Arrows Just Pickled
Mon May 27th, 6:15 PM 1 Avonlea Homers18 LA Arrows12
Mon May 27th, 7:35 PM 3 Weekend Warriors LA Arrows
Thu Jun 6th, 6:15 PM 2 LA Arrows Natives
Wed Jun 12th, 6:15 PM 3 Uno Mas13 LA Arrows12
Wed Jun 12th, 7:35 PM 3 Swamp Donkeys LA Arrows
Fri Jun 21st, 6:15 PM 5 Smokin Bases LA Arrows
Fri Jun 21st, 7:35 PM 7 Natives LA Arrows
Wed Jul 3rd, 6:15 PM 7 Benchwarmers11 LA Arrows9
Wed Jul 3rd, 7:35 PM 7 Genuine Siding & Roofing15 LA Arrows13
Fri Jul 12th, 6:15 PM 11 Jayz7 LA Arrows3
Fri Jul 12th, 7:35 PM 11 Killer Kleats LA Arrows
Fri Jul 19th, 6:15 PM 10 LA Arrows0 MNP Swingers7
Fri Jul 19th, 7:35 PM 10 Urban indians LA Arrows
Fri Jul 26th, 6:15 PM 11 The Heat LA Arrows
Fri Jul 26th, 7:35 PM 7 Streats Warriors7 LA Arrows0
Mon Jul 29th, 6:15 PM 7 Savers Shoestrings 12 LA Arrows8
Mon Jul 29th, 7:35 PM 7 Brew Crew LA Arrows
Mon Aug 12th, 6:15 PM 3 Ground Guys14 LA Arrows10
Mon Aug 12th, 7:35 PM 3 Just Pickled LA Arrows
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