Showing games for Lethbridge Storm

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Date and Time Diamond Away Home
Mon Apr 25th, 6:15 PM 9 Lethbridge Storm9 War Bonnets18
Mon Apr 25th, 7:35 PM 11 The Softball Llamas19 Lethbridge Storm7
Mon May 2nd, 6:15 PM 11 Pitch Slap Lethbridge Storm
Mon May 2nd, 7:35 PM 11 Lethbridge Storm7 Benchwarmers17
Mon May 9th, 6:15 PM 6 Lethbridge Storm On Deck
Mon May 9th, 7:35 PM 6 Shawna's Angels Lethbridge Storm
Mon May 16th, 6:15 PM 1 Lethbridge Storm Straight Ballers
Mon May 16th, 7:35 PM 11 Lethbridge Storm12 Urban Indians12
Fri May 27th, 6:15 PM 1 Homeland Security12 Lethbridge Storm11
Fri May 27th, 7:35 PM 1 Lethbridge Storm16 Airway Refrigeration24
Mon May 30th, 6:15 PM 8 A-1 Kekambas14 Lethbridge Storm15
Mon May 30th, 7:35 PM 6 Lethbridge Storm7 Smokin Bases15
Mon Jun 6th, 6:15 PM 8 Uno Mas12 Lethbridge Storm16
Mon Jun 6th, 7:35 PM 8 Lethbridge Storm16 Salty Pirates23
Mon Jun 13th, 6:15 PM 6 Tom Petty and the Bat Breakers1 Lethbridge Storm1
Mon Jun 13th, 7:35 PM 6 Lethbridge Storm1 Shiners1
Fri Jun 17th, 6:15 PM 7 Lethbridge Storm Off Constantly
Fri Jun 17th, 7:35 PM 7 Leth Dodge Vipers22 Lethbridge Storm15
Mon Jun 20th, 6:15 PM 11 Lethbridge Storm Ground Guys
Mon Jun 20th, 7:35 PM 11 NWA21 Lethbridge Storm7
Mon Jun 27th, 6:15 PM 3 Lethbridge Storm20 Dartsy Poolsy5
Mon Jun 27th, 7:35 PM 3 Lethbridge Storm On Deck
Mon Jul 4th, 6:15 PM 6 Shawna's Angels7 Lethbridge Storm0
Mon Jul 4th, 7:35 PM 6 Lethbridge Storm0 War Bonnets7
Fri Jul 8th, 6:15 PM 1 Straight Ballers7 Lethbridge Storm0
Fri Jul 8th, 7:35 PM 9 Urban Indians7 Lethbridge Storm0
Mon Jul 11th, 6:15 PM 10 Lethbridge Storm18 Homeland Security19
Mon Jul 11th, 7:35 PM 10 Airway Refrigeration23 Lethbridge Storm8
Mon Jul 18th, 6:15 PM 8 Lethbridge Storm0 Pitch Slap7
Mon Jul 18th, 7:35 PM 6 Benchwarmers7 Lethbridge Storm0
Fri Jul 22nd, 7:35 PM 9 Smokin Bases Lethbridge Storm
Fri Jul 22nd, 9:00 PM 9 Lethbridge Storm3 A-1 Kekambas15
Mon Jul 25th, 6:15 PM 7 Lethbridge Storm8 Uno Mas9
Mon Jul 25th, 7:35 PM 5 Salty Pirates22 Lethbridge Storm14
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