Lethbridge City Mixed League

Lethbridge City Mixed League Rules

  1. No alcohol whatsoever can be brought to the river bottom complex. Teams caught bringing alcohol to the complex will result in the team being suspended from the facility for the rest of the season. LCML will not refund any monies to teams suspended from the facility. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the playing field.
  2. Player eligibility: 
    • ‘A’ Division may have an unlimited number of men and ladies ball players from other leagues.
    • ‘B, C, D, E’ Division may have only (2) Members that play ‘A’  Mixed Ball on the field at one time.
    • Players in the LCML may play for 2 different teams within the league. Players may not play for 2 teams in the same division.
    • Teams may have up to 4 players that play on other teams in the league, but only 2 players may be from any one team.
  3. Game times are 6:15pm and 7:35pm. There will be NO GRACE PERIOD. No new inning will start after the sound of the horn. (1 hour, 10 min)
  4. Each team will supply 1 big ball, and 1 small ball before each game. Strike mats are provided. It is the home teams responsibility to be sure the mat returns to the dug out. 
  5. At the start of the game, the minimum number of players to constitute a team will be eight (8) players including a minimum of (4) women. The team must forfeit an out for each player missing in the batting order. The team may designate which spots will be outs. If a team is unable to meet these requirements the game is a forfeit. Any team having more than 2 nights of forfeits will need to pay $100.00 to re-establish their team as being in “good standing”.  The team will not be allowed to play any more games until these forfeit fees are in place and this may also affect entry in following seasons. All ‘A’ Division Teams forfeiting a game night must pay the Umpiring fee as well. IN ‘B, C, D, E’ DIVISIONS, IF THERE IS A DISCREPANCY, HAVE SOMEONE COME FROM ANOTHER DIAMOND TO HELP OUT. An un-biased observer will make things better for everyone.
  6. Runners must cross the safe line at home. If the runner touched the strike mat or home plate, the runner will be declared OUT. All plays at home are force plays.
  7. To be eligible to play playoffs, players must have played a minimum of eight (8) regular season game with the Mixed team that they are playing playoffs with. Their name must also be on the roster submitted on the NSA website.
  8. A team may use twelve (12) batters as long as there is a minimum of five (5) females. Any ten (10) of these twelve (12) players may substitute in and out defensively as many times as they want, as long as there are a minimum of four (4) females on the field.
  9. Game winners must submit the score using the form on our website. In the event of a tie game, the home team will input in the score. All scores will be posted on the schedule on the website each week. Please check to make sure your game scores are on there and if not please submit them again. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL THE TEAMS TO ENSURE THEIR SCORES AND RECORDS ARE CORRECT.
  10. Commitment line is in effect
  11. Anytime a male batter is walked and is followed by a female in the batting order, he is automatically awarded second base. The female must bat.
  12. SPORTSMANSHIP: Teams are responsible to ensure that all their members act in an acceptable manner. 
    • Physical or extreme verbal abuse will not be tolerated and will be an automatic ejection from the game, and softball valley, and possible suspension.
  13. Run limit : Divisions B-E have a 7 run limit per inning. 7th inning is open. A division has no run limit per inning
  14. Mercy Rule: Teams ahead by ten (10) runs or more after four and a half (4½) innings if home, or five (5) innings if visitors, will be declared the winner.
  15. There is a limit of five (5) home runs per team per game.
  16. We will be using the big ball, small ball format with females being pitched the small ball.
  17. Positions 7, 8, 9, and 10 (all outfield positions) cannot throw a base runner out at first base from the outfield. However if a team chooses to play a “5 man infield” the 5th infielder is eligible to make any throw.
  18. *It is the responsibility of all players to know whether their bat has been altered or is on the non-approved bat list. For LMSA any bat with the NSA, USSSA or 2004 ASA stamp will be legal with the exception on the Ultra and the Jak’d nemeses of bats. Any Easton Synergy bats that do not contain the thumbprint stamp are also illegal. Bats containing the new ASA stamp are only legal if they also contain one of the 3 previously mentioned stamps. Must be 34 inches in length 
    • Effect: the batter is out and ejected from the game if he/she enters the batter’s box with a non-approved bat.
  19. Bunting for females is allowed in ‘A’ Division.
  20. 3 courtesy runners per team per game. Runner must be the same gender and can be from any position in the lineup
  21. Unless otherwise stated all NSA rules apply.
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